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Casey Auto’s Car Warranty FAQ for Drivers | Newport News, VA

Whether you’re buying a new car here in Newport News or already own one, it’s important that you understand which warranties your car comes with. We at Casey Auto want to make car ownership easy for you; that’s why we’ve made this helpful guide to frequently asked questions about automotive warranties. Find answers here to your questions about car warranties, and please contact us if there’s anything else we can explain for you.

What is a warranty?

A car warranty is a contract offered by the manufacturer — and sometimes other parties like the dealership — to the buyer/owner the to repair or replace certain defects or fix qualifying parts if they break. A warranty only lasts for a certain timeframe, so eligible problems must be reported and resolved within that specific window.

How is car insurance different from a car warranty?

Car insurance differs from a car warranty based on what it covers and how you obtain coverage. Car insurance coverage is purchased and paid for on a recurring basis for as long as you pay for coverage; you cannot renew a car warranty indefinitely like you can an insurance policy. Also, car insurance covers the cost of vehicle repairs from external influences like collisions, storms, and theft, but they do not cover inherent mechanical or component breakdowns like warranties do.

What should I do to not void the warranty?

A car warranty will expire at a designated point in the future unless the vehicle is used or treated in a certain way that voids the terms of the warranty contract and causes it to expire early. The particular ways to void a warranty are outlined in the contract you receive when you purchase the vehicle, but common reasons are using the wrong parts for the vehicle, modifying it, and misusing it by improperly towing or driving off-road with it when it’s not designed for such functions.

How long does a car warranty last?

As long as you don’t void it early, a warranty plan will last for either a specific length of time after a start date (typically its very first date of purchase) or until the vehicle reaches a certain mileage on its odometer. The warranty will expire whenever the car fulfills one of these conditions, whichever it reaches first. The exact length of time depends on the manufacturer offering the warranty, what type of warranty coverage it is, and if you’re electing for standard or additional coverage.

What types of car warranties are there?

You’ll find many different types of warranties offered with the new and used cars sold by the Casey Auto Group in Newport News, Virginia.

The most common category of warranties on vehicles we sell is a manufacturer’s warranty, which is also referred to as a factory warranty. These warranties cover certain parts of the vehicle to ensure they operate properly and were made with quality by the manufacturer. This category includes the bumper-to-bumper (a.k.a. limited) warranty, the powertrain warranty, and the corrosion warranty.

If you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, it may come with a CPO warranty that replaces the bumper-to-bumper warranty. Car parts and accessories purchased after the vehicle was manufactured often come with their own short-term warranties.

How do these warranties differ?

Each warranty plan covers a specific list of car components for a limited length of time starting from when you purchased the vehicle. Warranties can also end early based on the mileage that the vehicle has been driven.

For example, the bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most comprehensive factory warranty and covers the proper operation of many of the vehicle’s initial components — excluding those damaged by normal wear and tear. So, if the touch screen, heated seats, or power windows stop working soon after you buy a brand-new car, this warranty will fix them at no cost to you.

The powertrain warranty only covers the engine, transmission, driveshaft, axle, and other parts directly related to the proper operation of this central system. Each warranty covers different components for a different length of time, and the specifics of coverage and term vary from OEM to OEM.

How do I get a warranty for my car?

Most factory warranties from the manufacturer come with the car when you purchase it brand-new. However, if you buy a used car from Casey Auto, the initial factory warranties may have already expired or won’t transfer to a second or third owner of the vehicle.

In those cases, you should consider buying an extended auto warranty. This is a paid arrangement that functions much like an included warranty but requires payment to enact and is optional. You can buy this extended coverage through a third-party company or sometimes even the dealership or manufacturer directly. Talk with our finance experts when arranging the contract for your next car purchase to find out what extended warranties we offer.

How do I use my car's warranty when I need it?

The surest and most hassle-free way you can take advantage of your car’s warranty when you need it is to bring your vehicle to a service center at a certified dealership — such as ours here in Newport News, Virginia. Casey Auto has access to your vehicle’s records and can verify if the work that needs to be performed will be covered by any active warranties so you won’t be charged for it.
Understanding the coverage that your vehicle has is crucial for maximizing your car’s value and the benefits you receive from owning it. Contact our sales team to learn more about the benefits that come from buying a car, truck, or SUV from the Casey Auto Group.

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